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What is the SSS E-4 Form?

The SSS E-4 is a form offered to anyone willing to make any kind of changes in the existing membership details, stored in the social security system. It is often referred to as the "member data change request" form. The form is lengthy as it asks for various personal and demographic details.

A section of the form is dedicated to the changes that one can make in the SSS details. The most common corrections made using the SSS E-4 form are change of name, date of birth, gender, civil status, bank details, and altering the details of beneficiaries and dependents.

The correctly filled SSS E-4 form needs to be submitted with verified asked documents in the nearest branch. The form is offered free of cost at all the SSS branches and the official website of SSS. The form features two sections: Part 1, to be filled by the aspirant, and Part, to be filled by SSS.

SSS or Selective Service System is a data storage system for the US that maintains the records of US male citizens willing to offer a helping hand to the existing armed forces in case of a national emergency. When the situation demands, the government can hire required professionals, registered with SSS, as per their skills and expertise. Registration with SSS doesn't mean joining the military.

How To Sign SSS E-4 Form Easily

The entire process of acquiring the SSS E-4 form, digitally signing it, and submitting it is an easy job and can be done by the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Visit CocoDoc Website to Fill SSS E-4 Form

To access the form for free, one can simply visit the CocoDoc SSS E-4 Form page and open it with our Online PDF Editor. SSS E-4 form is offered as Members Data Change Request form, under the Registration and Membership section.

Once you click on the option to edit/fill this form, you will see it in editable form.

Fill & Download the Free SSS E4 Form

Step 2: Fill your Data Change Request Details in the form

SSS E-4 Form has 2 parts, out of which, you need to fill in details for Part 1 only. In this part, your DOB, common reference number, TIN, address, and social security number will be required. Information to be changed (old and new details) are filled in this section itself.

Provide all the asked details in the form and cross-check once. For this, you can click "Text" in the PDF editor for each field and enter desired details.

Step 3: Sign the form using CocoDoc

To confirm the provided details, SSS E-4 asks for the printed name and signature of the candidate.

Taking the help of CocoDoc, one can easily create original-looking and professional digital signatures. The tool also allows one to fill the SSS E-4 form digitally.Just click "Sign" and draw, upload, or add your signatures.

Fill & Download the Free SSS E4 Form

Step 4: Download offline and submit the form

Once again, make sure that provided details are accurate and true. Submit the form to the nearest SSS center. If so, you can now download this form in PDF version from CocoDoc and submit it to authorities as required.

It takes 3-4 working days for the information to be updated. Hence, wait for that much and then check the status.

Who Must File E-4 Form?

The information stored in the SSS system of a country is the easiest way to avail of the perks and benefits offered by 'Social Security and Employees' Compensation (EC) Programs. The program is designed to maintain social justice across society. In case of death, sickness, disability, old age, and maternity, SSS membership assures an alternative income source.

SSS E-4 form deals with allowing registered members to make certain changes in their SSS memberships. Anyone, belonging to the above-mentioned category must file an E-4 form when there is:

  • Any change in the membership status
  • Change in the civil status
  • Need of altering the beneficiary details

Outdated or wrong information in SSS leads to heavy penalties and fines if figured out by government officials. Also, it will cause a loss of facilities provided by government-funded programs. Hence, it's advised to provide the updated and latest information in the SSS and bring any change into notice using the SSS E-4 form.

The employer or employee side can offer SSS E-4. In a large organization, HR looks into the employees' SSS details updates while in start-ups or small businesses, individuals are responsible to update the information stored in SSS E-4 form.

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